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Survey From Myspace

10 Firsts

First Best Friend: Sheena Fancher
First Screenname: darkangel87
First Pet name: Lighting
First Piercing: ears
First Crush: Gary Sinese(from Forest Gump I grew up on that show)
First CD: Reba McAntire
First School: William Bick Elementary
First House Location: Bethel
First bf/gf: James---11th grade
First Concert: small concert:Anville big concert: none yet


9 Lasts

Last Time You Smoked: right now (cigarettes)
Last Food You Ate: a reese cup
Last Car Ride: Yesterday
Last Movie You Watched: Family Stones
Last Phone Call: Matthew
Last CD You listened to: Happy/Dancey Shit Mix
Last Bubble Bath You took: about a year ago
Last Song You listened to: Radio by: Alkaline Trio
Last Time you got in a fight: Four Days ago

8 Have You Evers

Have You Ever Dated a Best Friend: no
Have You Ever Been Arrested: no
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: yes
Have You Ever Been on TV: no Thank Pants
Have You Ever Eaten Sushi: yes
Have You Ever Cheated On Your B/F or G/F?: Hell NO!
Have You Ever Been on a Blind Date: no
Have You Ever Been out of the Country: yeah right me out of the country snof


7 Things You are Wearing

1. peasant shirt
2. jeans
3. neckalce
4. star braclets
5. socks
6. panties
7. Bra


6 Things You've Done Today

1. woke up
2. ate a reese cup
3. smokes a dozen cigareets
4. had some milk
5. went to school
6. got online


5 Favorite Things

1. family
2. friends/ boyfriend
3. sleep
4. Punk Music
5. Pants


4 Choices

1. Vanilla or Chocolate: vanilla
2. Hugs or Kisses: hugs
3. Pens or Pencils: mechanical pencils
4. Baseball or Basketball: VOLLEYBALL


3 Things You Want to do Before You Die:

1. Live
2. Dance
3. Love if it exists in the text that it is normally used in


2 Things you got for Christmas:

1. Books
2. Clothes


1 Person You Want to See:

1. My Grandpa
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