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Welcome To My Life


16 September
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sign stealing
Ash: *gets out of car and opens the back door.*

Me: WTF are you doing?! we have to hurry!

Ash: I'm just getting my ducks in a row!

Me: .... what ducks?!

Go sign stealing often

anyways, lets see I am a emo punk kid with a thrist for blood and sharp things. I drink cat blood and I'm in some freaky cults like Sam's club! Just Playing I don't drink cat blood but everything is true. Well I like almost any punk rock band but I've seen some artists with potential but they keep hitting rocks. Well lets see I keep shrinking so eventually I will look like an Umpa Lumpa. Well Lets see I have lots of friends at least I think I do, unless they pretend so I don't drink their blood or something creepy like that. Well Lets see I guess I will show you things about what my name means and shit.

What does your Names say about you?
Name / Username
Your Colour is Red
Your Weapon is Demon Puppets
Side Kick Demon Puppets
You are Short-tempered
Your motto is never be normal
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ur other names
Name / Username
ur alien name is....... boozie
ur fantasy name is.......... sleet
ur animal name is........ sparkles
ur random name is....... cinderalla
ur superhero name is........... batman
ur video game name is.......... mario
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Personality Quiz
Full Name
You are... Kind
You love... you friends and family
Best color to describe you... Red
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What type of serial killer are you?
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You are a/an First Date Murderer
You Killed 4827 People
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your true personality...
Favourite Color
you friends REALLY think your... Awesome
you are nice when... your never nice
when you see some1 in need of help ,you... help them...but you don't like to
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