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My expierience in Life is This......SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LITTLE DEMON!

Today's Theme Song: Stay Where I Can See You By: The Starting Line

Well today is a different beat of things. Today I bought mom this book of qoutations and I bought my dad a book of funny dog pictures with hilarious captions beneath or above the photo. Well I realized that the word Penny is quite fun to say when tired. Just say Penny and you'll say it a bunch more or at least i did. Well anyways I am writing a story about my life that is a brief description of what it was like to be me growing up through the years of Tye-dye shirts to to liquid crytal televisions, and from going to being an awful child to a caring (well I think I'm caring) person. Im taking my readers through a "magical journey" through time to show them the differences of growing up with up coming technology. Going from disco well back to disco (Panic!) and from a country guitar to screeching electric guitars. So I thought I would share what I am doing while I am still unemployed and then give them something to read. Thank you for your time. And I love you.
Tags: books, dad, magical journey, mom, panic! at the disco, story
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