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Quote again.

Quote of the Day: The more I study history the more I realize how little mankind has changed. There are no new scripts, just different actors

I have decided that instead of "Theme Song of The Day" I would do quote of the day. Well I am on chapter 15 of my favorite book of all time; The Sunflower or El Girasol(spanish). It is a great book I recommend it for everyone else. I can't think of anymore CD's to download whilest I stay with Matt, I have Fall Out Boy, Amberlin, The Starting Line, and Mest. I can't think of anymore...maybe more of My Chemical Romance or other Fall Out Boy CD's. Brighteyes might be among my choices so if anyone wants to help out would be a big help. Well anyways, I love my book and that song by The Starting Line called Stay Where I Can See You. It is great. Well anyways....I went to ECheck just to find out that I only needed to have another one reprinted so it was good knowing I only spent 5 dollars instead or 20. Then when I went to the BMV I couldn't find my title, come to find out that my Mother had hidden it from me along with me Debt Card. Anyways, I also cleaned out my car and Cody doesn't hate Matt anymore he actually layed down and napped with him. Anyways well I trust everyone had a good Christmas and is going to have a Happy New Year! Also check out the new layout I am probably going to fix my user look-up also. Well have fun...We Love Those Whom We Serve!
Tags: amberlin, book, car, fall out boy, matt, mest, mom, my chemical romance, the starting line, the sunflower
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