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Time is a friend, a gift, a maker of dreams....-Flavia

Today's Quote of The Day: "Death is lurking over my head like a rain cloud and all I can see is your back as you leave me." - me

Well I got my new plates today. They say in short DQM (Diary Queen Master) and some randomly assorted numbers. I also got to chapter 23 in my book. It is so great I cannot describe the greatness of this book. Also I realized for any gift on any holiday for anything I would like journal/notebooks preferably ones with nice quotes on the front. (also please if you contribute to this no quotes from the Bible, even if the journal looks really nice) Also I will take writing materials. I also got a phone call from the Elick Lane Wendy's I have a job interview there Saturday @ 3:00pm. Well anyways I am still deciding on what to do with a current situtation that has been boggling my mind. Oh well it's not like anyone of my friends will be able to help me in this decision because it is one that most wuld say "do what you think you should do". Considering that I give advice to some of my peers the only bit of advice I would have for this one is : use the information at hand to make the best decision possible. Oh well, I will probably be on later in the day to record other things that have occured. Well I will see everyone later and remember...YOU CAN'T SPELL SLAUGHTER WITH OUT LAUGHTER! Thank you drawn together that funny but morbid quotation. See you soon.
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