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"The difference between love and pain is that they are on the same page just on opposite sides"

Quote of the Day: "Happiness is good health and a bad memory." -Ingrid Bergman

Well the Panic! at the Disco concert is set in stone. Ash, Matt, and I are all going March 23 at Bogarts. Starts at 8:00pm and it is gonna rock out loud. I also found a way that none of us will become a victim of crowd surfing. Tie ropes around our waisted because I doubt that anyone would be able to hoist all three of us up. I have also filled up some more of my book. I will probably work fairly hard on it tonight to get closer to the middle. Well Ash is staying over tonight and I got a job interview at Wendy's. I am fairly confident that I will be working there soon. And if that holds out I may decide on my boggling situation faster than anticipated. Well Love you all and have a fun night!
Tags: ash, concert, job, matt, panic! at the disco, situations, wendy's
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