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Nothing Says Happy New Year Like A Stomach Virus

Quote of the day: "Everyone smiles in the same language." By: Don't remember hm.....

January 1 2006
I go to work on my first day. Starts out a good day, I meet new friends and keep the timer down, then 8:00 pm rolls around. My stomach starts to cramp. I feel faint and nauseous. I start having to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes feeling my stomach acids churning. It started out just having the craps but not normal craps. After a long tow hours I feel my acids rising. I run to the bathroom and vomit for a full 5 minutes. I told my manager that I needed to leave. I came back to Matt's and vomited all through the night.

January 2 2006
7:00am rolls very slowly around. I am still vomiting but not as frequent or as much, and I still have the craps. I finally fall asleep. I wake at 10:00am felling about 25% better but still a little nauseous. I eat a small piece of bread and sip a little amout of coke. I feel ok. I don't have the energy to move and I have to start work in 5 hours maybe I'll feel better. Well 2:00pm rolls around fairly quickly after a What Not To Wear marathon. I get up and feel dizy and my stomach feels raw and disguisting. I get ready for work and leave around 2:50pm. I get to work feeling like I was hit by a truck. It slowly progresses as it finally hits 6:00pm. Matt starts to feel awful. He brought me up some head ache medicin for my brain felt heavy and painful. I took it feeling much better. After that time flew and it became 9:00pm. I clocked out and came back to Matt's. He was very warm and didn't feel good at all. I bought some air freshener and sprayed his house. It still had the heavy feeling of sickness. I left at 9:30pm returning home where I watched a movie and sipped more caffine free Mt. Dew. I went to bed at 11:00pm.

January 3 2006
I woke from a long 13 hours of sleep. I felt 100% better. I actually felt like going to work. But I was off. I started to sew my scarf to finish it and was going to try to sew my beanie to mach it. I left my house around 1:16pm going to pick Matt up to fix Ash's computer. We went to my mom's work to get a blank check for my school books. We got to Ash's at 2:40pm. Matt fixed her computer and finished his work at 4:00pm. We left and I dropped him off at home. I went to school and had quite a good time. I found two of my good friends from 6th grade are getting married in 2007 and I am to be in the weddings. I also bought $193.39 worth of books. I left and am now at Matt's feeling awful from my year round cold coming back.

Happy New Year Heather!

Don't Ask Why...Ask Why Not..
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