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Ordering 10 5 pc. nuggets, 2 triples, 1 double, and 3 orders of strips at 12:56pm

Quote of the Day: "Without any proof there is no reason." - Me

Well today was great. There is this one girl that no one likes at the Wendy's I work at. Her name is Brittany Casey and everyone hates her. The funny thing of that is, is that I don't understand why. She is friendly, funny, and wierd kinda like me. I closed with her tonight and it was the most fun close I have had since closing with Spanky. I also thought that there was no drama at this Wendy's like there was at the last one but I was wrong. Supposidly this Ashley girl that works weekday nights is spreading rumors about Brittany and this "Brenden" guy sleeping together or some retarded shit. So Brittany is going to set the record straight with Ashley tomorrow in a more physical way than a talking way. Well I will be there when Ashley gets there so if it gets ugly I will have to break it up. I haven't closed in a long time either so I am very tired and sore. Well not really tired since I had so much fun my sore definatly.

Ta Ta
Tags: brittany, drama, fighting, quote, soreness, spanky, wendy's
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