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If it were tomorrow...maybe. But not today.

Quote of the Day: "Mistakes are just accidents on purpose." - Me

I HATE ERIC. Matthew's friend Eric the one we can't stand. He thinks he knows every FUCKING thing. There is a cable that runs from one end of the football stadium to the other. Then there are camera's positioned around the stadium floor and tops with ZOOM lenses. He goes "There is no cable strong enough to hold a camera that big." then Matthew goes "I THINK IT'S A SPACESHIP!" Just playing so I laughed. Then Matt was like well it would have to be on a grid because the camera takes shots from all over the place. And I said well there are cameras positioned at the top of the stadium with zoom lenses. Well Eric goes "No there's not!" "Camera's zoom lenses don't get that big." ALRIGHT MY FUCKING FATHER IS A FUCKING PHOTOGRAPHER!!! WHAT THE FUCK! But anyways...Well I will talk to you all later.

Ta Ta
- Heather
Tags: camera, eric, football, fuck, matthew, quote, spaceship
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